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Step one: slow down. Take your time.

It's tempting when you plan that big first trip to Europe, to try to do everything, to fit every single highlight into a whirlwind tour around perhaps the planet's most diverse continent. You want to eat pasta in Rome, and stand on top of the Eiffel Tower, and smoke a joint in Amsterdam, and party in Dubrovnik, and, and...

You can't do it all. Unless you've got years up your sleeve, you're going to have to do some culling. That's one of the keys to enjoying your first stint.

I got an email a few weeks ago from a guy who's about to set off on his first overseas adventure. His question – "Got any tips for a first-time visitor to Europe?" – sounded like a perfect topic. So here we go.

First, the culling. Europe is an incredibly diverse continent full of bucket-list, postcard locations, and you can't do them all. If you even attempt to do them all you'll spend more time on buses, trains and planes that you will actually seeing things.

So here's a tip: choose a top five, your must-dos for that first OS adventure. Maybe it's drinking in the Hofbrauhaus in Munich, or eating tapas in Barcelona, or visiting the Tate Modern in London. Whatever it is, mark those down and plan your trip around them. The between bits will start to fall into place.

Then you have to figure out how you're getting around. Gnarled old travel dudes like me will tell you to forget about tours and go independent, but that's not necessarily the case. Think about what's right for you. People might sneer at the drunken tour passengers, but the drunken tour passengers are having a ball.

Maybe start off with a short tour, a 10-dayer, to find your feet in Europe and meet some people. If you fancy the idea of an organised tour like a Contiki or a Topdeck, go for it. If you'd rather a bit more freedom, think about something like Busabout – your transfers and accommodation are organised, but you have far more spare time to explore.

Prefer to go independent? It's easy enough in Europe. Book hostels ahead using sites like HostelBookers and HostelWorld. Book train tickets online. Book budget flights well in advance. And remember that using intercity buses is often much cheaper than trains or planes.

Don't avoid the clichés. The Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower and Charles Bridge are all extremely popular with tourists for a reason: they're amazing. Don't feel you have to get off the beaten track just for the sake of it. If the big-ticket items appeal to you, then go and see them.

By the same token, don't do everything the guidebook tells you. It might say the Louvre is an absolute must-do on a trip to Paris, but maybe you'd have a better day searching for Blek le Rat pieces on alley walls.

Travel in the shoulder seasons. July, August and September are mental in Europe, when you'll be sharing every single experience with millions and millions of your closest friends. Accommodation will be booked out, or expensive. Trains will be full.

Think about going in autumn or spring. Or better yet, if you don't mind the cold, go in winter. You'll feel like you have the place to yourself.

Another thing to consider when you're timing your trip, however, is festivals. Europe does a mean festival, from Oktoberfest to San Fermin to La Tomatina to Biennale to Glastonbury to Exit to Tomorrowland. Get along to any one of those and your holiday just became a lot more memorable.

Be wary of scams. If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That hot Eastern European girl isn't necessarily talking to you because you're so charming. Those guys aren't befriending you because you seem like such a cool Aussie. Go with your instincts.

Try to get to at least one of Budapest, Krakow or Lisbon. They're all amazing, and underrated. (Although when planning this, take the "do what you want" paragraphs into account.)

Learn at least a tiny bit of the local language. Even if it's just asking, "Do you speak English?" This very small amount of effort will get you a long way.

Pack light. You don't need three pairs of jeans in a European summer. You don't need a big tub of laundry detergent. You don't need special "travel" clothes with extra zips bought from some rip-off store.

You do, however, need a towel. And at least one set of decent clothes to wear when you decide to go for that fancy dinner and don't want to look like a backpacker for a night.

Lash out on a few amazing experiences that are out of your price range. Budget travel will make your trip last longer but if you plan for one expensive dinner, or a night in a big hotel, or gondola ride in Venice, or high tea in London, or anything similar, you'll never forget it.

And on that note, my last tip is probably the most important: take lots of money. Lots of money. As much as you can possibly save. And then some more. Don't be the people drinking in the hostel lounge at night because they can't afford to go out. You didn't come all this way to not see the sights.

Take a few more months to save before you go. Be stingy at home so you can lash out when you're away.

And most of all: have fun.

What are your tips for people planning their first trip to Europe? Post your comments below. Are you yet to go to Europe? Post your questions too and let's see if our community of travellers can't answer them.

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So finally, the sun has shown its sprightly vivacious rays on the green, green grass, on Mrs. Wilson’s flowering shrubs next door and on you! It is now the time to spruce up and get yourself set to enjoy that much desired summer vacation, no more waking up at six o’clock in the morning to prepare for school, no more being tied up in classroom learning about the life of Attila, the Hun and no more chemical explosions in the chemical laboratory. This is the moment to bask and have fun in the sun. There are a myriad of ways wherein which you can make the most out of your vacation. Here are a few ideas in making your sunny break the best ever yet.

Leave off your inhibitions and go wild. Its summer, you can go and indulge in whatever you want. You are free from schoolwork and have literally control over how you spend your time. Do not waste it being a couch potato and prosecute yourself to watch boring reruns and ads on television. Get creative. Try something new. Go for the outdoors. Save your staring at the boob tube when it is raining or when the snow comes. The sun is here; make the most out of it. Get yourself in the water. The beach has always and is a favorite summer getaway, and why not. The beach offers a dozen of possibilities. You can try to go and learn how to surf or better yet, try scuba diving and get to know those wonderful corals under the sea. Get your gang of sun-loving friends together and play a game of Frisbee or beach volleyball and even soccer. This will be like hitting two birds with one stone.

If you love traveling and exploring the world, you are probably dreaming of running out of pages on your passport. Whether you have a considerable saving for your travels or are running on a shoestring budget, it is a great idea to look what a place has to offer before investing in a travel plan.

Europe is one of the dream destinations for all travel enthusiasts and has a plethora of options to offer for a great holiday. It is a great mix of history, art, architecture and natural beauty that never fails to amaze with its immense charm. The culture brims with exuberance and the vivid colors that it displays are a delight to every traveler's soul.

It suits all kind of travelers, be it honeymooners, solo travelers, adventure lovers or friends groups.


A magnificent city rich in its architecture, culture and gastronomy, a city which happily cohabits with river Douro is Porto which is a delight to witness at least once in a lifetime. One can experience the best museums, ancient and famous monuments, the hustling bustling market Streets, the best local food and an out of the world experience of a cruise on Duoro. Visit Porto to witness a great mix of art, culture and positive vibes and sail peacefully or just take a walk through the gleaming corridors for a blissful experience

Milan, Italy

You will be bewitched by the style, the elegance, the energy and the international flair of this city. Milan makes the best shopping place for all tastes and pockets. The contemporary art and architecture make it a leading choicest destination that captivates you with its endless allure and materialistic pleasures up on offer. Indulge in luxury brands or pick up street fashion, you will be pleasantly amazed at the variety of spellbinding experiences that Milan has to offer.


London has everything for everyone. Whether u are an enthusiast of history; architecture or a casual traveler on a leisure trip, you'll surely find a place of your interest here; starting from British Museum, Tower of London, The very famous Buckingham Palace, Portobello Road market, National gallery and our childhood fantasy, the London bridge. You will find everything here fro magnificent museums to rich cultural diversity and enchanting walks across the city are sure to blow you off your feet.


Blissfully known as the city of love, Paris exudes an aura of love and magnificence. You surely would want to spend quality time at the iconic Eiffel Tower and trust us it is worth all the hype. The Notre Dame Cathedral is another icon that will not fail to mesmerize you with its charm. If it's your first time in Paris, make sure you attend the Opera-National De Paris. Luxembourg gardens are a warm Oasis which cater to the relaxed mood of the travelers keeping the kids entertained with the plenty of activities it provides and makes the best destination to laze around and picnic.

While Paris is vast and endless in allure, booking a Paris long weekend tour is a great idea to experience a slice of paradise in form of great ambiance and enchanting architecture.


Considered as the lover's paradise, the Venezia's charm is addictive. The Grand Canal which is the main Street of Venice is the most photographed place. The Rialto bridge is an ultimate example of most amazing architecture. The bridge of sighs would offer goosebumps with a real feeling of a prisoner who would see the outside world for the last time. Bridge of sigh connects to the dangerous prison dungeons. With a host of options, this small city makes for a destination that would leave you craving to stay even post your visit.


Amsterdam has a lot more to offer on the platter other than the world-famous Van Gogh Museum.
Shopping on nine little streets is an experience to cherish. A family bike ride, the infamous pancakes, the gay bars, the nightclubs, you'll find them all here along with a fun experience promised by vibrant nightlife and friendly people.


From ancient monuments to medieval churches, to world-class museums to high-end boutiques, Athens has the flavor of all.
Parthenon features amazingly impressive ancient Greek architecture and is a cultural landmark that is impossible to find elsewhere. Once it served as a treasury and a church too and offers a great sneak peek into history. Museum of Cycladic art is amongst the other not to be missed places in Athens, Greece.

Another lovely destination in Greece is Santorini that offers a unique experience of sunbathing and swimming in the molten dyed beaches as this place is famous for its volcanic activity and one such example is the Kamari beach. The wineries here are a relishable activity for foodies and even the wines here carry the flavor of this island's volcanic terrain. The most calming experience is to watch the sunset here at OIA.

Greece is a great destination for solo travelers but bliss for couples. Book Greece honeymoon packages today for a great experience with your partner.


The city of Madrid boasts of the world-famous Prado museum where the works of the Great artists like Goya and Velazquez are on display. The Royal Palace is open to public and El Rastro market provides hours of shopping. Various open air cafe's specially skirting Plaza mayor are a must visit where you would want to relax after a long day of sightseeing. Madrid is a scintillating experience that you would not want to miss.

Europe is a great destination that is worth every penny spent and every moment invested. You must visit this delightful destination whether for a short span or along holiday to experience bliss and serenity amidst the hustle bustle, natural beauty, and vibrant settlement.

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