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Traveling is something that not everyone around you gets to experience. Traveling is thoroughly enjoyed by some and is completely despised by others. Either way, travel is essential to the modern way of life. People travel for work, travel for leisure, travel to visit friends and family and travel to get away from them. Travel is essential to today's society with some of us embracing it and others doing everything they can to avoid it.

Due to today's current economy, there has been an upswing in "stay-cations" as the budgets are getting tighter and pennies are being pinched. However many companies in the travel sector are offering great deals on travel services, for both domestic and international travel. You can find great bargains on airfare, hotels and car rentals. And now that the peak travel season is almost over, there is even more incentive to travel, as the prices will keep dropping for off-season travel.

I personally love to travel and I am very fortunate to have been able to venture to many foreign cities and countries around the world. When I travel, I find that I enjoy mingling with the locals far better than roaming the streets and visiting the sights as a tourist with a camera around my neck and fanny pack on my side. One, it is just not my style to wear a fanny pack and two, you can learn a lot by putting down a pint at a local watering hole and hearing stories, tips and legends from the locals. Don't get me wrong, I still go and visit the sights, just not with the flock; this is also why I tend to travel off-season as well, less tourists.

I am going to use this space over the next few weeks to write about travel; how to search for travel services, where to travel, and offer up some travel tips from my vault of travel knowledge and experience.

Author:  By Brian Lutz