As you step in to Montpellier the city bring a positive feeling to mind, the city is a vibrant, modern and make you feel good and young again. The place ill win you over.

The city is located in southern France in the Languedoc Roussillon, 10km inland from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the south-east of the department of Hérault whose territory is defined as an amphitheatre open to the sea, bordered by the Cevennes to the north-east and Haut-Languedoc to the northwest. The town's stately Gothic Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, distinguished by pointed towers, dates to 1364. 
The city's Antigone district is a chic, modern development inspired by neoclassical motifs. Paintings from French and European Old Masters hang at the Musée Fabre. 

Montpellier is crossed by five rivers: the Mosson, which borders the town to the west and south, one of its tributary streams, Rieu Coulon, Verdanson and, to the east, Lez and Lironde (which has its source in the Millennium district, in the Garden of the Grande Lironde)
Montpellier extends towards the sea shore with the creation of new districts in the east then south of the city center (successively Antigone, Richter then Port Marianne ), and under the impulse of Georges Frêche , who declared in 1977 want to make Montpellier "the seafront between Genoa and Barcelona  ".


The climate of Montpellier is typically Mediterranean with mild temperatures ( 15.2  ° C on average ), one of the highest sunshine in France with only 33 days without sun per year, a duration of 7 h 22 min per day on average, much higher to the French average of 4 h 46 min ; and days of little rainfall (less than 60 per year ), but sometimes violent showers, especially in autumn from September to December during the Mediterranean episodes or Cevennes, frequently causing flooding in low points of the. 

Transportation in Montpellier

The TAM is the main supplier of the public transport network in Montpellier (tramway buses, self-service bicycles) and also several parking lots.  It is very easy to get around town with the tram or by foot if you love walking.

Planning a Trip?


Airline that flies from UK to Montpellier are:
·        Easy Jet
·        Air France
·        KLM

Get to Montpellier by Car

Use the motorway A9 and A75 to reach Montpellier. You will need to cross the channel with the ferry or by Eurotunnel to Calais, Dieppe. You can check the different routes on their websites.


In Montpellier will be out of choice for accommodation. You will find all type of accommodation. From one to 5 start hotels passing by villa rentals

What about food?

Like many cities in France, Montpellier offers a amazing mix of sunny and warm weather, friendly locals, and delicious gastronomy.

The best way to enjoy your trip to Montpellier is to appreciate one of so many specialities available to you.

Among those, you will find a wide range of wines, since the region is famous for its vineyards. Being a coastal town, it also offers plenty of fish, which can be found in a variety of regional dishes. Go to a farmers market to stock up on local produce. Enjoy a meal in one the several Bistro around town.

Check the Bistro Chez felix, great atmosphere. Food was delicious, mussels, steaks switch chips are among the dish you can order.

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