Camping With A Baby: 5 Essential Tips To Try

Some people say that camping is not for infants. But truth be told, the outdoors are for all ages - you just have to be truly prepared for any kind of situation. As a parent, your child's safety and well-being is your responsibility in or out of your home. The outdoors is an unpredictable place, so be sure to come prepared and ready to handle the challenges. With the correct approach, you will have an enjoyable camping trip!

Follow these essential tips when camping with a baby:

Choose a nearby location
For your first outdoor trip with a baby, it's ideal to choose a site that's close to your home. This way, if you forget or run out of baby essentials and other important things, you can easily go home or turn back. If things get too overwhelming for you or your baby (hopefully they don't!), you don't have to spend too long on the road or spend hours travelling back. As your child gets familiarized with camping, you can venture out to farther locations in the future.

Pack extras
Even if you know the average number of diapers or milk bottles your child uses per day, always pack more. You don't want to take an extra unnecessary trip back home or to the store if you run out of baby supplies. The goal, though, is to pack as light as possible so just bring the essentials. You may know what kind of weather to expect, but bring clothes that are for all kinds anyway. Don't forget baby's first aid kit!

Bring a comfort toy or blankie
Packing her favourite toy, her favourite snack or a comfort blankie will make your baby more at ease with the new surroundings. It lets her feel the comfort of home while she adapts to the new environment.

Give your neighbors a heads up
If you find that you have other campers staying in the campsite, let them know that you have an infant with you so that they won't get surprised if they hear your child cry. Offering them earplugs would be ideal, too! More often than not, neighboring campers actually get more excited when they hear that a baby is at the site!

Don't stress about it too much
Babies are more resilient than you think. They easily adapt to new environments just as long as they find comfort. Don't stress too much and try to enjoy the moment.
Enjoy your child's first outdoor trip even more with these tips for camping with a baby!

Author: Daniel J. Smith

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