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Traveling by train is comfortable and less expensive, and thus many people consider it as their first choice, especially while touring foreign countries. The train service these days are available all through the day.

Read on for a few handy tips that you can use while traveling abroad by rail.

Point To Point Ticket vs. Passes

While holidaying in Europe, you could opt for Eurail passes for regular travel. If you go travel occasionally, then you could buy single-journey tickets. Although the Eurail passes cost a little more than the other options, they allow you to travel in a number of trains.

The point to point rail tickets are for specific single journey, like from station A to station B. Railway passes are best suited for the tourists, while the single-journey tickets are ideal for regular passengers traveling short distances. They can buy these tickets directly from the railway ticket counters for reasonable prices.

What are TGV TRAINS?

There are a few high-speed trains operating to cover long distance in the shortest possible time. You can buy two way or one way TGV tickets depending upon your travel plan to anywhere in Europe. These trains mainly run on two routes - Paris to Milano and Lyon to Milano.

If you were to travel from Paris to Milano, you will need to pay 55 Euros for second class and 75 Euros for first class Eurorail passes. To travel from Lyon to Milano, the passes would cost you 30 and 45 Euros for 2nd and 1st class respectively.

The TGV trains run on single railway tracks. All safety measures are taken to ensure secure and safe journey for each and everytraveller. The tracks are fenced and special sensors are used along the tracks and under the bridges to prevent and detect people and animal trespassing.

The drivers of these trains are also highly trained and experienced. They are given special training to handle dangerous situations and restore them. All these things make your travel fun and safe.

Travel Paris and Brussel cities

Thalys Train Services is an international high-speed train, which operates between the cities of Paris and Brussels.

• It runs on dedicated high-speed tracks for a few regions and partly on shared tracks
• HSL 1 high-speed track is used from Paris to Brussels journey
• HSL 4/HSL-Zuid high-speed rail track is used between Antwerp and Amsterdam
• HSL 3 and HSL 2 between Brussels and Aachen

Other high-speed trains are also used during the holiday seasons. You can avail all types of rail passes to travel in these fast trains during such times.

Book your rail tickets online

It is very easy and convenient for you to book your rail tickets online in advance. You can preferably book the tickets from any leading online travel agency in Europe. You get the liberty to do it anytime of the day or night from any part of the globe using your portable device or desktop.

It is suggested that you book your train tickets at least 3 months before the travel date. Payment for online booking can be done with valid debit or credit cards. You could also buy the Eurail passes in advance, if you are on long vacation in Europe.

To conclude, traveling by European trains is a very safe, secure and economical option for you and your family.

Traveling across European countries on railways is cheaper and comfortable than most other modes of transport.

Author: Rajesh B Sanghvi