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From glamorous cities to pristine skiing slopes to relaxing countrysides, France really does have it all. In France you can find medieval castles and cathedrals, museums and world-famous collections, fascinating UNESCO world heritage sites and tantalizing cuisine and wines.

Paris is a popular destination for visitors to France. It is a thriving city with a rich and extensive history. It has enough attractions to keep any visitor to the city busy for a long stay. Among its many major attractions are the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower. Cannes, Nice and Lyon are also attractive and worthwhile cities to visit.

The Rhone-Alps region is famous for the recreational activities that it offers to visitors. It offers beautiful skiing destinations, hiking, river rafting and other fun outdoor activities. It is a region with breath-taking natural beauty and sites.

France boasts a number of beautiful beaches. French beaches are known around the world for their liberal views of bathing attire. Topless or nude beaches are not uncommon along the Mediterranean coast and Corsica Island.

Disneyland Paris adds to the attraction of the country for family holidays. Wine tasting in the Beaune Region is a relaxing and enjoyable experience. These two examples of activities to do in France, illustrate the point that there truly is something in France for everyone, of any age or background.

France Something Distinct to Offer

There are many feasible ways to get around France anything from hiking to flying will do the job, depending on where you want to go. A scenic, leisurely and somewhat luxurious way to travel is by waterway. France has an extensive network of canals and rivers, bordered by picturesque views and world heritage sites. This is a slower, more relaxing way to travel for those who have the time.

The trains are comfortable and punctual, with many intercity connections, as well as bus-train connections. There are domestic flights to many locations in France with shuttle services that can take you to the center of the city that you land in. These are quick and simple ways to travel around the country.

France offers a large variety of accommodation options for the traveler. You can choose from one to four star luxury hotels, campsites, tourist apartments, furnished accommodation, guest houses, holiday villages or even monasteries. There are approximately 17,500 hotels, inns and motels in France so there is a lot to choose from. The hotels can be chosen according to price, services and location. There are also many hotel chains available. France offers over 9,000 fully equipped campsites, rating from 0 to 4*. There are also 2,300 farm campsites.

Paris, Cannes and Nice boast many five star and five star luxury hotels. Cannes is famous for its luxury beach resorts that attract celebrities from around the globe. There are many hotel and travel packages available for many of the major cities in France.

Author:  Gaizka Pujana