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Family vacations can sometimes be stressful, particularly picking the best family vacation destination. How do you accommodate the wants and interests of every member of your family? Do you go to the beach? the mountains? or a new city to embrace the culture? Planning a vacation doesn't have to be stressful, by following these tips, the only decision you will need to make is your footwear!

The Time Element
One of the biggest factors in choosing a destination is how much time you have to vacation. Do you have a full two-weeks off? Will this be a weekend or day trip? This is due to the fact that travel can eat up a lot of time and energy, no matter whether you are flying, driving or boarding a train. The amount of time you have off also has a direct relationship with the complexity of your travel plans.

The Budget
While everyone wants to take a luxurious vacation, you do not have to break the bank doing it. And, let's face it, how much stress is your vacation going to alleviate when you return home to a massive credit card bill. Instead, budget for maximum enjoyment of your time off. You would be amazed at the variety of cheap or completely free activities there are in any destination you choose. From
state parks and museums to hikes through nature.

Discussing Options with Family Members
Now comes the tough part, negotiating on the best destination for every member of the family. Best practices indicate that full transparency is the best policy. Be clear about what the constraints are, namely time and money, and then start discussing options that exist within a radius friendly to those constraints. Often it helps to have identified a few locations that might be ideal for your family, and to research those places together.

Planning Activities
Once a destination has been decided upon, the real fun begins. Consider giving the kids the job of researching the attractions and amenities in the area. While some oversight will undoubtedly be necessary, allowing the children to research and learn about the place they will soon visit will not only help you decide what to do, but will also get them jazzed about going!

Getting Buy-In
Even with the best approach to deciding on a destination as a family, sometimes not everyone will be one-hundred percent enthused about the end choice. However, this does not mean that your plan or negotiating tactics have failed, it means you are only getting started. For instance, if one child is upset about the location chosen, consider providing options that could sweeten the deal for her, such as bringing a friend.

Don't Try to Do Too Much
One more piece of advice to implement once you are already in your chosen destination: try not to jam pack your schedule so much that you don't enjoy being there. Instead, plan one major activity each day, and leave the rest of the time for casual exploration. Sometimes having a rigorous itinerary can be stressful, and more stress is definitely not what you need while on vacation.
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Author: By Clinton Rhodes