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A new trend is growing amongst thrill-seeking travellers: ghost tourism. Here’s what it is and where you should go to experience a touch of the supernatural whilst on holiday.

What is Ghost Tourism?

The idea is simple. Ghost tourism refers to holidays that involve learning about apparitions and hauntings. It also includes trips that involve encounters with spectres. An example might be staying in a haunted hotel or going on a late-night ghost walk around a spooky town.

This type of tourism actually has a rich history. People have visited Scotland, for example, for years in hopes of encountering the paranormal. Though most tourists these days don’t expect to see any spectral figures, they are interested in the history of hauntings.

If you like getting goosebumps and the creepy feeling that someone is standing behind you, this might be the travel trend for you.

Supernatural Spots: Where to Go to Get a Thrill

Here are some of the best places to start if you want to get your blood pumping and maybe, just maybe, give yourself a few nightmares.

•  Salem Witch Walk – Salem is famous for its witch trials and this mystical walk features an unusual witchcraft ceremony.

•  The Most Haunted Castle in Europe – It is Denmark’s Dragsholm Slot that has earned this title. Legend has it that Mary, Queen of Scots’ husband died a painful death in the dungeons.

•  Ghost Towns – Deserted towns, with their unmistakably mournful atmosphere, have long been popular with tourists. Some of the best are Kayakoy in Turkey, Oradour-sur-Glane in France and St. Elmo in Colorado.

•  Wall Street Walk – Discover Wall Street’s history from a different angle. Learn about Alexander Hamilton, the Wall Street Crash and the spirits left behind.

•  Sweet Dreams - Haunted hotels are big business. Stay in the Stanley Hotel in Colorado (it inspired The Shining). Or, if you have a real taste for the macabre, you can spend the night in the home of the infamous Lizzie Borden.

You don’t have to devote your entire holiday to searching for ghouls but including one of these places as a day (or night) trip can add an extra frisson of excitement to your trip. 

What’s more, it is an interesting way to experience a different side to a country’s culture than is seen in museums or art galleries.

Boo-fore You Go

You’ll soon realise that ghost hunting is truly addictive – one trip just won’t be enough. Before you head off, take out an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy. That way no matter how many trips you take a year you are covered for accidents, theft of your valuables or other mishaps. Ideally, all travel would be risk-free; however annual multi-trip travel insurance makes sure you won’t lose out in the unlikely event that something does go wrong. (Disclaimer: No insurance can help you if a sneaky poltergeist steals your stuff, so make sure keep your eyes open while ghost hunting!)

Author: Laura Jeeves

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No matter what corner of the globe you're traveling to, your first solo trip will always be super special. It's not easy to stop waiting for appropriate company and make the efforts of embarking on a journey alone. Traveling solo can be one of the most rewarding experiences of life and takes a lot of courage to plan a trip. Because the risks and fears are extremely high, a lot of people take an extremely long time to plan a journey.

If you've decided to build the courage, here are some valuable tips to plan your first solo trip!

1. The Destination Decision

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be extremely challenging, and would make you regret your decision on several occasions. When traveling alone, one of the motives is to discover your inner self. This is the perfect time to step out of the monotonous routine and have a delightful trip. Choosing a destination is going to determine your experience to a great extent so it is essential to pick up a destination that doesn't make you uncomfortable.

2. Convincing Your Loved Ones

Let's begin by a piece of warning: not everyone will be pleased to know about your plans. As soon as you begin planning your trip, it is wise to be considering ways to convince your family and loved ones about your travel plans. It might take longer than what you'd expected! No matter what your age, travel-wary parents can nearly have a panic attack once they discover what you're up to. This process will trigger limitless questions that you should be prepared to answer. You can only pass this phase if you are prepared for all the answers and convince them that you've taken all their concerns into account. One important assurance to give out is that you'll constantly stay in touch with them.

3. Research Well

No one would want to invite themselves any troubles on a solo trip. Although troubles often come unwelcomed, it is important to research well in order to escape any unwanted surprises. Being well versed is essential for your trip to be a successful one. Whether you consult the internet, people around, travel blogs or books; researching would help you to get to know your destination. If you still don't feel confident enough, it is a good idea to carry a guidebook. This keeps you occupied during the journey time and gives you a better sense of direction.

4. Listen to Your Instincts

It is essential for you to trust your gut feeling while traveling to a foreign land. Your instincts will guard your safety along the way and it is best to follow them to make sensible decisions. Many adventures on solo trips can potentially invite troubles for solo travelers. In order to avoid them efficiently, it is best to trust your intuition.

Last but certainly not the least, don't forget to let go and have the time of your life! These solo trip tips will help you have a fantastic journey.

Author: Abuzar Mir

Your comments mean so much to us as they help us strive to provide content that specifically meets your needs. Kindly share with us your comments (recommendations, thoughts, compliments, etc.). We look forward to having them.