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From glamorous cities to pristine skiing slopes to relaxing countrysides, France really does have it all. In France you can find medieval castles and cathedrals, museums and world-famous collections, fascinating UNESCO world heritage sites and tantalizing cuisine and wines.

Paris is a popular destination for visitors to France. It is a thriving city with a rich and extensive history. It has enough attractions to keep any visitor to the city busy for a long stay. Among its many major attractions are the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower. Cannes, Nice and Lyon are also attractive and worthwhile cities to visit.

The Rhone-Alps region is famous for the recreational activities that it offers to visitors. It offers beautiful skiing destinations, hiking, river rafting and other fun outdoor activities. It is a region with breath-taking natural beauty and sites.

France boasts a number of beautiful beaches. French beaches are known around the world for their liberal views of bathing attire. Topless or nude beaches are not uncommon along the Mediterranean coast and Corsica Island.

Disneyland Paris adds to the attraction of the country for family holidays. Wine tasting in the Beaune Region is a relaxing and enjoyable experience. These two examples of activities to do in France, illustrate the point that there truly is something in France for everyone, of any age or background.

France Something Distinct to Offer

There are many feasible ways to get around France anything from hiking to flying will do the job, depending on where you want to go. A scenic, leisurely and somewhat luxurious way to travel is by waterway. France has an extensive network of canals and rivers, bordered by picturesque views and world heritage sites. This is a slower, more relaxing way to travel for those who have the time.

The trains are comfortable and punctual, with many intercity connections, as well as bus-train connections. There are domestic flights to many locations in France with shuttle services that can take you to the center of the city that you land in. These are quick and simple ways to travel around the country.

France offers a large variety of accommodation options for the traveler. You can choose from one to four star luxury hotels, campsites, tourist apartments, furnished accommodation, guest houses, holiday villages or even monasteries. There are approximately 17,500 hotels, inns and motels in France so there is a lot to choose from. The hotels can be chosen according to price, services and location. There are also many hotel chains available. France offers over 9,000 fully equipped campsites, rating from 0 to 4*. There are also 2,300 farm campsites.

Paris, Cannes and Nice boast many five star and five star luxury hotels. Cannes is famous for its luxury beach resorts that attract celebrities from around the globe. There are many hotel and travel packages available for many of the major cities in France.

Author:  Gaizka Pujana      

Rennes is a city of north western France, in the east of Brittany. Rennes is the capital of the Bretagne region, as well as the prefecture of the Ille-et-Vilaine department.

It has been the capital of Brittany since 1532. The city is criss-crossed by water, since two canals meet here. It was also the victim of a terrible fire in 1720 which destroyed more than 30 streets

Most of the interesting bars and restaurants are to be found in the streets just south of the place Ste-Anne, towards the place des Lices.

It is a student city and as a consequence, a vibrant night life is on offer. The main area of the nightlife and bar culture here is centred in the older area to the north of the cathedral on two roads, rue St Michel, and rue St Malo. For the quieter areas and restaurants take a look around the old quarters around the cathedral and also rue St Georges, near the parliament.

The stately public buildings and numerous private mansions adorning the two royal squares stand at the very heart of the town.

Rennes has a wealth of old, interesting architecture, and has also got plenty of smart boutiques and fancy shops. It is not touristy though, and you get the feel of a real French city.

Rennes is seen at its best in the first ten days of July, when the Festival des Tombees de la Nuit takes over the whole of the city to celebrate Breton culture with music, theatre, film, mime and poetry. In the first week of December, the Transmusicales rock festival attracts big-name acts from all over France and the world.

The Festival Gourmand, focusing on regional dishes, expertise and creativity, draws a hundred chefs from Rennes and the surrounding area every year. This is indeed proof of gastronomy's important role in the city. Quality products can be found on market stalls such as at the Lices market in Rennes on Saturday mornings, which is one of the largest and most colourful markets in France,

The Tombees de la Nuit takes place each year at the beginning of July. Events consist of concerts, storytelling performances, plays and a myriad of other forms of entertainment. Shows take place throughout the city on atmospheric, open-air stages.

Thabor Park is a beautiful park which is found in the centre of the city. It has ten hectares of green flora and seasonal plants. It has Botanical gardens in the east of the park.

Author: Douglas Scott

Holidays are often about running around and packing in as much as possible, but even on the busiest of holidays, there must be at least one day dedicated to relaxing, soaking up the atmosphere, and seeing what the locals see. Nice has just the thing for those occasions; the Promenade des Anglais.

For the locals it is a place where roller bladders can let loose their rolls, where dogs and cyclists run side by side, and where lovers, children and the more senior amongst us stroll and sit on the characteristic chairs; colored blue and dotted along the length of the promenade allowing the most extensive view over the beautiful deep blue sea.

Along way from England, you may think? And indeed it is. There are few places in England that allow such weather, such a view, and access to such beaches, and that is precisely why Lewis Way, and English gentlemen who took his winters in France, created in 1822 the 2 meter wide promenade that we see today. It wasn't he that called it the Promenade des Anglais, but rather the local community who gave it this nickname after him.

The promenade runs for over 6 km in total from the Coline du Chateau all the way up to the airport. The full length of the walk at a decent pace will take you around 3 hours or so, and is definitely worth the time and the effort. If you don't fancy the trip by foot however, you can always get dropped off on the top end and walk your way back, as a 6 lane highway does run along it.

It is a wonderful idea to make a full day's event of the stroll. You will notice on the way a wonderful array of architecture dating from the 20s, 30s and 40s that draw attention to the longevity of the popularity of this resort, and if you are lucky to be visiting during the high season and the Prom you will be in for a treat as street entertainers will engage your attention, and your wallets, at every junction.

There are a lot of hotels along and in the near vicinity of the Promenade des Anglais. On the top end you will find five star hotels with all one would expect including casinos, and prices to go with it. These top end hotels start from around 500 Euros a night, and if you have the money, they will not disappoint. If you are looking for something a little cheaper however, you can find three star hotels for around 100 euros a night, and four stars from around 120 euros per night.

Author : Gaizka Pujana

Europe is an extremely diverse continent, a continent of rich history, culture and landscapes. But best of all it is home to a huge variety of adventure travel experiences. From trekking and biking to canoeing and water rafting, it has something for everyone.

Below are some of the top adventure travel Europe experiences:

1. Trekking in the Tatra Mountains, Poland - Registered on UNESCO's list of Biosphere Reserves, Tatra National Parks located in the southern part of Poland, and encompasses both Polish and Slovakian parts of the range. Well developed for hikers and winters sports enthusiasts, it is also the largest alpine-type massif in Central Europe with Mt Rysy (2499m) as its Polish high point. In the summertime, hiking, biking, and mountaineering are popular pursuits, whilst winter sports provide the action when the snows arrive. A week could easily be spent walking trails in the High Tatra.

2. Rafting the River Spey, Scotland - Activities, and leisure opportunities are in abundance on the River Spey and in its surrounding area. If you're an adventurous thrill seeker then you'd be crazy to miss the chance to canoe or whitewater raft down the rapids of this fastest flowing river in Scotland for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Or for those seeking more leisurely pursuits there's fishing and fly fishing as the river is renowned for its excellent trout and salmon, or hike the Speyside Way trail which follows the river through lush beautiful forest and mountains.

3. Horse ride on native ponies, Iceland - Explore the vast wilderness of this beautiful country aboard a native Icelandic pony.

4. Enjoy winter activities, Norway - Try your hand at snowmobile rides or dog sledding in a winter wonderland. Also with wide spaces of wilderness, some 22 National Parks, and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Norway is rich in culture, fantastic cuisine and no end of activities from hiking and skiing, to snorkeling orca and swimming with salmon.

5. Explore the breathtaking Pyrenees, France - Popular for walking and trekking the Pyrenees are crisscrossed with trails for walkers and mountain biking. Two of the most challenging is the Haute RandoneePyrenee, and the GR10 from Hendaye to Banyuls. The largest ski area in the Pyrenees stretches from La MongietoBareges and offers those who love winter-sports many opportunities for skiing and snowboarding. Both Cauterets and La Pierre Saint Martin have Nordic ski runs for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Alternatively, you could go to Issarbe, where you can enjoy dog sledding.

Author: Hannah L Green