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The magnificence and breath-taking beauty of the Sorrento peninsula is something that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. The stunning views, picturesque villages nestled precariously along the cliff edges, and beautiful national parks are places that can all be explored at your leisure. Choose from the excellent range of Amalfi coast villas to rent and unlock the magic of this stunning region.

Day Trips

The town of Amalfi, from which the region takes its name, was a Roman colony and is set in a ravine at the base of Monte Cerrato, overlooking the Gulf of Salerno. The houses are built up the sides of the mountain, which forms part of the Monti Lattari range. There are some marvellous walks and hikes in the Parco Regionale, where you can discover the glories of the surrounding nature.

Apart from the stupendous views, the 9th Century cathedral, Duomo di Sant'Andrea, is one main attraction. The original church has been added to throughout the centuries, reflecting different architectural fashions, and it is one of the historical highlights of the Amalfi Coast. Villas are available throughout the surrounding countryside, but it is also possible to stay in the historical centre, to experience the atmosphere of this impossibly beautiful town and use it as a base to explore other areas along the coast.

Public Transport

If you're feeling adventurous and would like to experience the local transport services, you can catch the bus along the coast to Sorrento and then catch a rail connection to Vico Equense. If you make the effort to use public transport you'll really start to experience authentic Italian life, and will often find your fellow travellers wanting to get into a conversation - it's a good chance to practise your Italian. This is one of the attractions of choosing a base in one of the Amalfi coast villas, because you'll have the time and flexibility to take on these types of adventures.

The bus trip takes about an hour and 30 minutes, and for part of that journey you'll travel along the coastal road; try to get a window seat so you can experience the outstanding beauty of the scenery to its fullest. Bus travel certainly takes the stress out of driving yourself and Italian buses are very comfortable. When they swing around the sharp bends, it can be slightly disconcerting, however, as it often feels as though you are teetering over the edge of the steep ravines! After reaching Sorrento there is a rail connection every 15 minutes to Vico Equense, which only takes 11 minutes.

Pizza by the metre

Once you reach this lovely town perched on the top of cliffs, you'll discover the 14th-century former cathedral, Chiesa della SS. Annunziata, with its outstanding views of Mount Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples. It has a stunning Byzantine exterior and a Gothic interior. This beautiful old church is full of exquisite carved furniture and wall frescos. The town is also famous for its pizza by the metre (take some back with you for the journey home) and its sulphurous springs that are renowned for their therapeutic properties.

Vico Equense
Experiencing this protected region by public transport will add another dimension to your holiday, and it is surprisingly stress free. To get a chance to thoroughly explore this unique part of the Amalfi Coast, villas and apartments will give you the flexibility to be more adventurous by using the local buses and trains, or simply relax and spend the day sunbathing on the lovely Mediterranean beaches.

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Lauca National Park
Chile is ideal for bird watching holidays, with its ever-changing terrain and differing weather conditions. Its 4000-kilometre length exposes it to extreme contrasting climates, ranging from the scorching Atacama Desert to the sub-Antarctic southern islands. This wide range of habitats has resulted in a hugely varied bird population, which will be fascinating for both newer and more experienced birders. From the high altitude specialists to the sub-Antarctic seabirds, Chile promises to fulfil any nature lover's desires with these stunning locations.

Putre/Andes Mountains

Many Chilean bird-watching holidays will feature a drive to Putre that takes visitors through the Andes foothills, revealing the various species of Sierra-Finches that are attracted to the vegetation there. It is advisable to stop often and explore each habitat that the drive travels through. It is likely participants will see species such as Mountain Parakeet, Greyish Miner, Andean Tinamou, Black-winged Ground Dove, Andrean Swift and many more. The mountains are home to myriad high altitude avian varieties making it a fascinating area to investigate in detail.

A Sierra-Finch
Lauca National Park

Another place that should definitely be on the itinerary for any bird watching holidays in Chile is Lauca National Park. It rests on the Bolivian border and has an elevation of between 3,200 and 6,300 metres. Welcoming lake and high altitude bird species, the park is home to one of the highest lakes in the world, Lake Chungara. For those passionate about sighting water-loving species, here you'll find Crested and Andean Ruddy Ducks, Puna Plover, Silvery Grebe, Giant Coot, Andean, Chilean and Puna Flamingos, Puna Teal and many more.

Lake Chungara
Lake Chungara promises an array of wildlife that will make a wonderful addition to the itinerary of bird watching holidays. After exploring the area around the lake, visitors can head to the bogs and wetter grasslands in search of species such as the Red-backed Sierra-finch, Puna Snipe, White-winged Diuca Finch and the rare Diademed Sandpiper-plover.

The incredible mountain landscape reveals breathtaking views of Chile but is also home to an exciting number of high altitude birds, including the Puna Tinamou, Rufous-bellied Seedsnipe, Torrent Duck, Andean Lapwing, Puna Rhea, Andean Avocet, Andean Gull, Peruvian Martin, Puna Miner, White-winged Cinclodes and Andean Flicker.


Porvenir lies within the Chilean sector of Tierra Del Fuego and hosts an array of birdlife influenced by the sub-Antarctic conditions. On board the ferry to Porvenir is the perfect opportunity for sightings of seabirds such as the Magellanic Penguin and Magellanic Diving-petrel. This is often also an exciting first glance at penguins for amateur birders on their first bird watching holidays.

Once at Porvenir, the Swans Lake Sanctuary is a great place to sight avian species that can survive in a cold and windy terrain. Inhabitants here include the Short-billed Miner, Least Seedsnipe, Two-banded Plover, Magellanic and Blackish Oystercatchers and Correndera Pipits. In rare cases, visitors may even get the chance to see the rare Magellanic Plover.

The Magellanic Plover
Parrillar Reserve

One of the must-see sub-Antarctic beech forests is in the Parrillar Reserve, where birders can explore the forest terrain in the hopes of sighting the Magellanic Woodpecker. Its large size and surprisingly tame nature makes it easily sighted. The secluded forest pools are also home to the quiet Spectacled Duck. Parrillar has beautiful surrounding countryside, home to many avian species such as the Chilean Swallow, Austral Parakeet, Black-chinned Siskin, Rufous-back Negrito, White-cheeked Pintail and many more exciting varieties.

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Tuscany is one of those rare places where both natural and man-made beauty appear to echo from the same chord: the pristine rolling hills and painted rural sunsets perfectly match the beauty of ancient Romanesque churches and the exquisite high culture of Florence. It is not surprising, then, that a holiday in one of the villas in Tuscany is the desire of so many, but what is surprising is that the region's allure actually owes so much to the past.

The end of a dark age

A short (or even long) stay in one of the villas in Tuscany is a perfect starting point to discover the secrets of the region. Whether nestled into the hillside or ensconced in one of the cities, a wealth of natural and urban beauty will surround you. The inherent aura of high culture with which the Tuscan region has become synonymous is not something born from modern culture, but draws its ambience from the decay of antiquity in Europe. The rise of the Florentine state, even during the so-called 'dark ages', meant it was perfectly placed to become the driving force behind the Renaissance. Its evolutionary zeal toward a new, heightened intellectual and cultural force shook the world and shapes the oeuvre of the current region.

The path of ships

One of the reasons why villas in Tuscany have such a flavour of romantic and rustic decadence is that they are situated in locations that suit - like Florence, the capital of the Renaissance. While the glamour capitals of New York and Paris are modern travel hubs and ancient fashion meccas respectively, few places can match the Florentine heritage, which is steeped in the trade of fine things from all around the world. From ships that passed cargo through Genoan and Venetian states to Chinese, Arab, and Indian goods reaching the ultimate destination along the famous silk road, the city is a treasure trove for the exotic and fashionable. While the nature of the elite may have changed with the demise of the Medicis, ever since the rise of modern internationalism during the Age of Enlightenment, Florence has presided over a love of aesthetics.

The birth of modern luxury

It would not have been hard for Florence to have gone the way of so many other cities whose star faded as empires rose and fell. But the city has continued to be a beacon for culture, art and sophistication - from its fashion and art to its luxurious villas in Tuscany. With beautifully restored architecture and cultivated wine and cheese, to its harbouring of the rich and famous and obsession with fine art, the Florentine region exudes a particular chic precisely because it has continued to adore high culture into the modern era.

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The ski resorts of the Three Valleys are some of the most popular in Europe. This excellent area boasts runs suitable for all abilities, and resorts provide plenty of accommodation options, including catered ski chalets. Each of the resorts offers something different for visitors, so here is a guide to what to expect.
1. La Tania

La Tania is a peaceful resort that is really not suitable for anyone looking for nightclubs and a lively party scene. Instead, it is better suited to smaller groups and families. However, you will still certainly find some good bars and restaurants to enjoy.
The runs can be challenging and the off-piste action is excellent, with places like Plumber's Crack and Dou Des Lanches being especially popular. Plenty of other activities are also available, including snowshoeing, dog sledding, paragliding and snowmobiling.
2. Les Menuires

Located in the Belleville Valley, the largest of the three valleys, Les Menuires is a popular destination for skiers looking for good catered ski chalets. It is located at a height of 1,850 metres, and is surrounded by high peaks including La Masse and Mont de la Chambre.
From here you can easily reach other resorts, including San Martin de Belleville, making it an excellent base. You will also find good snowmaking facilities, so you don't have to worry about not being able to ski if there's no fresh falls. There are about 70 pistes here as well as numerous lifts, and you will also find plenty of indoor activities including badminton and swimming.
3. Courchevel

Courchevel consists of a collection of villages, with Courchevel 1850 being the highest. It is also the best known and tends to attract a wealthy crowd, who enjoy its fine restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Other villages further down are Courchevel 1650, 1550, 1300, with gondolas connecting all the villages. In total, you can enjoy 150 km of pistes here.
4. Meribel

Meribel is a popular resort that is often recommended as a great choice for families. Not only is it considered very safe, but the après-ski scene is also excellent. There are a number of good ski schools where beginners can enjoy learning the basics.
5. Val Thorens

Val Thorens is the highest resort in Europe at 2,300 metres. As a result, the snow is fantastic here. It is also a very attractive resort, with picturesque chalets and easy access to other resorts like Les Menuires. The après-ski is lively and there are plenty of bars and restaurants to visit, including the Frog and Roast Beef, Rhum Box Café, La Folie Douce and more.
6. St. Martin de Belleville

This traditional style resort is full of good bars and restaurants to enjoy, making it a popular option for anyone wanting to rent catered ski chalets. It is linked to both Les Menuires and Meribel, making it the perfect base for exploring. It is a great option for intermediates, and the off-piste opportunities are also excellent for more advanced skiers.
Choose Your Perfect Resort
The Three Valleys is one of the best places in the world to go skiing. Catered ski chalets are easy to find in any of these resorts, so have a think about which one might be the most suitable option for you and book that ski holiday!

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Sicily is a stunning island off the coast of the southernmost part of Italy and only 100 miles away from the coast of North Africa. It has had a chequered past, with many different civilisations invading and each leaving their own distinct mark on both the language and food. It is a truly fascinating and beautiful place to visit on a holiday.

The Stunning Western Coast

There are many excellent villas in Sicily to choose from all over the island, but the western coast is particularly lovely, being away from the busier tourist areas. Trapani has one of the loveliest stretches of coastline in all of Italy. Here it is possible to experience the peace and tranquillity of the region and swim in the immaculate crystal blue waters. There are also some protected natural reserves where you can find different walks, discovering beautiful beaches, flowers, cliffs and caves along the way.

The small seaside town of Cornino is overlooked by Monte Corfano, which forms part of the Monte Cofano Natural Reserve, and has a small, protected bay where you can swim in the stunningly clear water. This is a wonderful place to visit to enjoy invigorating hikes along the unspoilt coastal path. Villas in Sicily situated within access of this lovely area are ideal to use as a base for further exploration.

Nature and History

The nearby nature reserve is not just astoundingly beautiful, there are some fascinating archaeological sites to visit as well. You can explore caves that were used as prehistoric settlements and, in the 9th century, by religious hermits. More recently, during the Second World War, they were used as shelter by refugees. The remains of fortifications built in the 16th century to protect the coast from Barbary pirates can be found at either side of the peninsula. During the 1500s to the 1800s Barbary pirates from North Africa caused fear and panic among the Mediterranean population, resulting in many people abandoning the coastal areas.

Butterfly Island

One of the highlights of the area is the Egadi Islands (Isole Egadi). Another advantage of renting one of the villas in Sicily in this region is that these islands can be visited by ferry from Masala or Trapani. Favignana, the largest of the three islands, is often referred to as 'la grande farfalla'- which translates to 'the large butterfly', as its shape resembles. The islands were all bought by the Sicilian Florio family, in 1874, as an investment relating to the tuna trade.

There are plenty of wonderful opportunities to try scuba diving here, as the sea is so wonderfully clear. There are also sea caves to explore if you decide to go diving, such as Grotta Azzura, Grotta dei Sospiri (Grotto of sighs) and Grotta degli Innamorati (Lovers' Grotto). These spectacular caves can also be accessed on boat tours.

Cave Drawings

Perhaps the most exciting thing to see on the smallest of the Egadi Islands - Levanzo - is the cave drawings at the Grotta del Genovese. The prehistoric images of bison and deer and depictions of tuna, a dolphin, men and women are well worth the trip. The wall-art could date back 13,000 years and the location is thought to be a place where religious rituals took place.

Activities such as hiking, swimming, diving and experiencing the incredible history of this part of the island are, in fact, a very small taste of what is available. If you choose any of the beautiful villas in Sicily along the western coast, you'll be truly spoilt with a magical combination of magnificent scenery, culture and wonderful food and drink. What more can you ask?

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When it comes to selecting a destination for a Northern Lights holiday, most people tend to look towards one of two locations: either the Lapland region of Sweden or the island that lies to the west of that country, Iceland. And while travellers unfamiliar with each country may consider them, essentially, similar - they are, after all, both partially included in the Arctic Circle - nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, the type of experience offered by either country is different in almost every regard, except for one: they are both excellent points from which to sight the Aurora Borealis. This, combined with their picturesque scenery and a plethora of complementary activities, is a large part of the reason why these two countries are so popular.

Below we focus on perhaps the more understated of the two locations, Iceland, in terms of its climate, activities, and places to visit while on a Northern Lights holiday.

Grown-Up Geography Excursion

Where terrain is concerned, Iceland is almost like a 'grown-up' version of a geography lesson one would take at school - but not in a classroom, for real! The country is most famous for its breath-taking volcanic landscape, which appeals to nature enthusiasts, even beyond the expectations of a sighting of the vision of the Aurora Borealis. This country also has an advantage over Sweden where climate is concerned, with minimum and maximum temperatures being far more forgiving. However, those taking a Northern Lights holiday to Iceland are advised to dress appropriately, in several layers, as the weather can still be quite cold.

Where activities and sightseeing are concerned, Iceland is a dream destination - with plenty to see and do aside from the lights. The famous thermal Blue Lagoon is a definite must-see, and whale watching tours (in both summer and winter) or invigorating rides on horseback are available.

The country's close relationship with its natural environment is evident at every turn, however those who love the excitement of more sociable activities will also find much to enjoy. New Year in Reykjavik, the country's capital, is invariably an exciting and festive event, and the country is fast becoming known for its world-class cuisine. Seafood is in plentiful supply all year round, and puffin and rotten shark (which is nothing like as bad as it sounds) are some of the recommended delicacies when tasting one's way through this Nordic country.

Iceland has an abundant wealth of attractions to offer visitors, either as the chosen location for their Northern Lights holiday or otherwise.

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Waterparks offer a great deal of fun in the sun, of course, but you need to take the proper steps to make sure you and your loved ones stay safe and hydrated on your next visit. Here are some of the most important things to remember for safety, comfort, and fun.

Dress Appropriately

Since you will be outside for the majority of the day, you will want to protect you and your children from the shining sun. For the most protection, have everyone wear a hat and a loose t-shirt, as well as water shoes and sunglasses. If you are bringing younger children, keep an eye on them to make sure they are not getting tired or overheated.

It is also important that you bring plenty of sunscreen and apply it on a regular basis. Put it on 30 minutes before you leave home and then re-apply it every time someone gets out of the water. Even waterproof sunscreen needs to be re-applied every 80-90 minutes if you have gotten wet and dried yourself off with a towel. You will also want to consider using a lip balm that has an SPF of 15 or higher.

Keep Hydrated

It is easy to become dehydrated quickly when you are running around in the sun, and it is even easier not to notice if you are getting cooled off periodically by water slides. Be sure you and your children are drinking plenty of liquids throughout the day. Stay away from any caffeinated beverages, however, because they dehydrate you more quickly.

Close Observation

You should always keep a close eye on your children when visiting waterparks, even if there is a lifeguard present. Either be in the water with them or watch them carefully. Lifeguards are responsible for scanning large areas and cannot see everything all the time.

Pay Attention to the Rules

All waterparks have specific safety rules and regulations, sure be to read all posted signage. Different slides and pools will be appropriate for different age groups, so make sure your small child does not get on a slide intended for older children and adults. Check all regulations related to age, height, ability to swim and medical condition. If you have any questions whatsoever, talk to a staff member or a lifeguard.

These are just some of the things you will want to keep in mind at waterparks to ensure you and you're family stay safe, hydrated, and having fun.

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There are people who've managed to travel the world completely free or at very little cost. It proves that you do not have to have a lot of money to travel. All you need is to be creative. Here are 20 easy ways in which you can stretch your travel dollars.

1. Start saving

As a part of saving for your trip, make a plan. When planning, in one column list all the things that you would like. In another column list how you can reduce or eliminate these costs. Project how much money you will now need and save towards it.

2. Sign up for flyer miles benefits

Many companies now offer these as part of their product offerings. For example, banks will offer travel points on credit cards whenever you travel and use them.

3. Look out for airline ticket deals

Popular airlines often have ticket deals and sales for certain times of the year. Schedule your trips around these times so that you can save on airfares. Also, schedule your flights for the middle of the week when most business travelers or vacationers don't fly.

4. Scout for destination packages

These are great ways to save money. You can get all-inclusive packages, especially at resorts, for less at certain times of the year.

5. Check with your employer

If you work for the government or for a large corporation, check with your employer to see which destinations worldwide have benefits for employees when they travel. Make use of these benefits and save your money. Travel with proof from your employer to your destination. These may even still apply even if you are a retiree.

6. Check with your school

If you are a student, especially a college student, check with your school for travel benefits that they may have for students. You may also be able to access international programs for students that will save you money when you travel.

If you are in high school, get your parents or guardians to look for locales for possible school trips. There are normally discounted group packages that will save them money and are cheaper than if they were to do it on their own. Usually, a teacher or school employee will chaperone the students on the trip.

7. Join a charity or religious organization

There are some charity and religious organizations that have overseas missions. As a member on a mission, you will get to travel for free. However, please bear in mind that you are on these trips to assist others and not for your own self-gratification.

8. Make a travel budget

It is very tempting to get carried away while traveling. You will come across many things to spend money on. Make a travel budget and stick to it.

9. Stay at cheaper accommodation

If you are not on a travel package that offered you hotels at cheaper rates consider accommodation that will cost you less but are still safe. These include bed and breakfast offerings in private homes, rooms on university campuses, convents, motels and cottages.

10. Try couch surfing

You may have a friend or family member living in another country. If they don't mind having you, consider staying with them instead of paying for accommodation. Another thing you can try is a house sitting arrangement. This is where you occupy and watch over someone's property and their pets while they are away. Lastly, you can join couch surfing communities where you can connect and stay with locals for free.

11. Walk a lot

Save money by using your feet and not spending it on taxis or Uber. You can also wear a pair of smart shoes during your trip. Not only can it guide you and give you directions, but also burn calories as well.

12. Rent or buy your own transportation

Instead of paying for taxi rides to places, consider renting or buying your own transportation. Two-wheel vehicles, such as bicycles, scooters, or motorbikes, are normally the best to rent or buy as they cost less. You will get more mileage out of these to go many places at less cost.

13. Use electronic guides

There are now many kinds of guides that you can access to help you get around your vacation locale. You can access many of these GPS applications on your mobile phone. This will help you to save money on tour buses and tour guides.

14. Cook instead of purchasing meals

Don't consider cooking on a trip a chore. You can make it fun by trying out some new foods where you are. Buy fresh food at their local market and experiment with some new dishes. You can do an internet search to find out how to cook them, and it does not have to be elaborate. Not only will this save you money but you get to learn about cuisine in another culture.

15. Look around for meal deals

Meal deals are not only available at international fast-food restaurants. You can find these elsewhere too. For example, buffet style restaurants, where the size of the dishes far outweigh what you pay. There are also all-you-can-eat restaurants and other places that offer discounted meals on certain days. Some of them don't mind you leaving with a "doggie bag" either.

16. Drink boiled water

You don't have to spend money on bottled water, which can add up. Use the regular water from the tap and boil it. Cool it and drink that. You may even use it to make drinks instead of spending on those too.

17. Entertainment deals

If you took a vacation package then you don't have to spend extra on entertainment. This will be provided on a nightly basis for free. If you are traveling solo, due to negative worldwide events, avoid entertainment late at night and in certain places. Consider a local movie or concert.

18. Use your debit or credit cards instead of cash

Make sure your card doesn't charge a foreign transaction fee. Then, if you have to pay for something, use your debit or credit cards instead of cash. You may be able to save money on the currency exchange differential depending on which country you're in. Additionally, your card may have benefits such as insurance that protects your purchases or points that you can cash in for something else later. Every little benefit helps.

19. Shop at discounted stores

You don't have to buy stuff in expensive shops for visitors or tourists. Duty Free shops in airports and shops in hotels charge way more for the same items than you can find in a local discount store. Look around for these, they shouldn't be that hard to find.

20. Gifts for others

If you must take back gifts for friends and family, go for inexpensive items. Small souvenir items are great and you don't have to buy them at expensive souvenir shops catering to tourists. If you go out an explore, you can find them gift ideas in local stores and craft markets.

Author: Bob Tom 

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When it comes to exercise, many people head straight to the gym, preferring to work their muscles on a treadmill or elliptical machine. While gyms are certainly useful and can give an athlete a head start on their fitness goals, nothing quite beats the benefits of nature. For those looking to improve their physical fitness, outdoor recreation can help boost both physical and emotional fitness and health, while also transforming exercise from a dull routine into a fun adventure. Here are five reasons everyone should head outside.

Improve Physique

Outdoor recreation can often be physically demanding, but the sports work different muscles than those static machines at the gym. Instead of doing countless repetitions on a weight machine, try canoeing or go fishing with a friend. The motions of the sports work the arm and core stabilizer muscles in a different way, boosting the effectiveness of a gym workout and improving muscle tone and strength. Best of all, because the movements come with a healthy dose of fun, it won't feel like exercise!

Engage With Others

Working out in a gym is often a solitary activity. Headphones and televisions often keep people from interacting or conversing as they work out. Outside, whether it's on a hiking trail or at a golf course, people can talk to each other, turning a solitary activity into a social outing. Once the conversations start, many people find they have more in common with their fellow participants than they expected, resulting in new friendships and new connections.

Unplug From the Daily Grind

Technology is everywhere in daily life. At work, many tasks are completed on a computer, and at home, countless hours are devoted to the television. Heading outside for a walk or sitting in a park gives people the opportunity to unplug and relax. Rather than focusing on a screen, individuals can focus on watching the clouds or observe the way the leaves blow in the wind. Disconnecting from technology gives the mind a chance to rest and reset, reducing anxiety and stress associated with an on-demand society.

Better Sleep and Improved Focus

Anyone who is familiar with spending hours outside in the sun knows that at the end of the day, their body is tired. Outdoor recreation changes up the way the body moves, exercising new muscles and stimulating the mind. Physical activity helps the body relax and makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Well-rested individuals are better prepared to focus the next day and often see an improvement in the quality of their work.

Develop New Hobbies

Getting outside is a great way to discover new passions and hobbies. Go to a new place, hike a new trail, or play a new sport. Not only will the new experiences help cultivate a passion for the environment, but it will also give individuals an outlet outside of their usual hobbies.

Instead of heading to the gym for a solitary workout session, head outside, take a walk in nature, and breathe the fresh air!

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Kiruna, Sweden

When you embark on one of the exciting Northern Lights holidays, there is little doubt the highlight of your trip will be witnessing the magnificent spectacle itself. However, when you're visiting this wonderful part of the world it pays to remember there is much more to discover as well. The itinerary of many Northern Lights holidays will include a stay in Stockholm, and if you find yourself in this eclectic European city for a couple of days, you'll be inundated with things to do, places to visit and experiences to enjoy. Here are just a few suggestions.

Explore the History

Stockholm is medieval in its origins and Gamla Stan (the Old Town) is at its heart. A settlement has existed here since 1252, and exploring the area is a fascinating way to spend a morning. The winding streets and curious alleyways give way to tiny squares overlooked by beautiful churches, revealing glimpses of its ancient history. Today, you can enjoy your historic tour on foot and indulge in a very modern waffle along the way!

Immerse in the Art

While Stockholm has evolved into a modern city, it retains its strong cultural and artistic heritage. There are many excellent museums here, but two of the most popular are the National Museum and the Moderna Museet. In an interesting contrast, the first showcases drawings and artworks form the Middle Ages, as well as pieces by Rembrandt and Degas amongst others, while the Moderna Museet (as its name suggests) boasts a fantastic collection of contemporary art, which includes works by Picasso, Dali, Pollock and De Chirico.

Café Culture

The café culture in Sweden is as popular as anywhere in Europe and it is definitely worth indulging. The locals drink copious amounts of coffee, and a morning beverage accompanied by something sweet is so engrained in the culture that the pastime has been given a name - fika - which roughly translates to 'indulge in coffee and chat at leisure'.

Join the Nobility

The City Hall, or Stadshuset, is Stockholm's most famous monument, hosting the Nobel Prize Banquet every year. You can take a tour of the building, which includes a visit to the Golden Hall with its historic scenes depicted in 18 million mosaic pieces, and you can also see the incredible 10,000-piped organ.

Get On the Water

Catching a ferry around the Stockholm archipelago (the largest in Sweden) is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon to wind up a fantastic experience on one of the Northern lights holidays. Although only 150 of the islands are inhabited, the landscape is hugely diverse, and the ferry ride certainly makes for an interesting trip.

These are just a few suggestions on how to spend your time when staying a day or two in Stockholm at the beginning or end of Northern lights holidays. In fact, this fabulous city offers much more than these attractions, and they barely scratch the surface.

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