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Lake Pichola, Rajasthan
Are you planning for your visit to Udaipur? Then you must definitely include Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary in your trip. Rajasthan is known for many National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries and Sajjangarh is one of them. A trip to Udaipur would be incomplete without visiting the Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary houses a variety of animals including the sambar, chital, wild boar, blue bull and a variety of other animals and birds. So, before you visit the place, here are 5 things that you should know about it.

The place is situated at a distance of 5kms from Udaipur
So, if you are planning to visit the place, it would hardly take 20-30 minutes to reach by car from the main city of Udaipur. It is a must go place if you want to experience the nature of wildlife in India.

It surrounds the Sajjangarh Palace

Sajjangarh Palace
The wildlife sanctuary has been built in a way that it actually surrounds the Sajjangarh Palace. The palace is also popularly known as the Monsoon Palace. The palace sits on the top of the hills and is really magnificent. The palace got its name from the fact that it was supposed to be an observatory which would record the arrival of monsoon. If you want a panoramic view of the mesmerizing Udaipur city, then a visit to the palace is a must.

The sanctuary remains closed on Tuesdays

This is an important fact to keep in mind if you are visiting the place. Make sure you plan your trip accordingly as the Sajjangarh Biological Park remains closed on Tuesdays.

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The timing is from 9am to 5:30pm

On all other days except for Tuesdays, the Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary remains open from 9am in the morning to 5:30pm in the evening. To enter the sanctuary you will have to pay Rs 30 and for the Udaipur zoo, the price is Rs 20. Both these rates are for Indian citizens. However, you will have to bear extra charges if you wish to take along a camera or shoot a documentary film.

The Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary spans over 36 hectares

The wildlife sanctuary is quite big and has an area of 36 hectares. You can visit the place on foot if you wish so but that can be tiring. On the other hand, you can rent a bicycle and roam the place. There are plenty of washrooms and drinking water booths in the complex.

Udaipur tourism will not disappoint you. It is an extremely beautiful city. And if you wish to take a break from the desert horizon, then you can do a quick trip to Goa and soak in the sun of the beautiful beaches some of which include the Agonda beach and Baga beach.

Author: Sharon Grogan

Has that dream vacation been on your mind a lot lately, but the travel costs keep holding you back? Make that much-needed getaway possible with Wizootravel. Save up to 60% on hotels and flights with our guaranteed cheapest deals to destinations worldwide. No hidden fees. Just what you see. Book your dream holiday now!.

The United States of America is a unique part of the world in that if you look across the vast expanse of our country, you'll find every type of climate, landscape, and soil you could imagine. If you're lucky, you can find singular locations that provide all of these in one place, and that place is Red River, New Mexico. Not only do you encounter the southern part of the fabled Rocky Mountains, you also encounter some amazingly dry, desert areas nearby.

Red River is a quaint mountain town that is often times looked over by such ski-vacation juggernauts as Taos & Angel Fire, NM to its south and, of course, places like Vail, Colorado to the north. Nonetheless, Red River offers up a smorgasbord of winter & summer activities for the entire family, but it also offers up some great times for couples looking to find a nice mountain getaway that isn't yet festooned with visitors trying to muck up the natural wonder of the area.

Here are nine very cool things couples can do in Red River that not only make it unique, but make it undeniably a hip haven for those in the know:

1. Candy Crate, LLP - Here you and your sweetheart can enjoy a nostalgic little candy shop that is loved by everyone. You can also try the famed Candy Mountain Fudge that has been a hallmark of this candy shop for nearly thirty years.

2. Texas Reds Steakhouse - Before heading to get some fudge, why not have a nice out to a staple of the Red River business landscape by stopping by Texas Reds? Enjoy a great meal with friendly service in a restaurant that has been in operation for half a century.

3. Red River MIner's Transit - Take a load off by taking the Miner's Transit system in town. It may not be thrillingly romantic, but it is a nice way to move around town while chatting about all of the great places you've been & where you still want to go.

4. Line Dancing - Line dancing (as well as a number of other activities) is available at the Red River Community House at different times a year. This year, it's available from early June through early August 2017.

5. Sand Dunes - Take a day-trip together a little north of Red River & check out The Great Sand Dunes National Monument. If you're both big fans of landscapes & natural wonders, this is a 'must' for your visit.

6. Art - If you're both bug fans of art, check out some of the more coveted artwork of the area by heading to the Red River Gallery of Fine Art.

If you & your significant other have decided to take a breather & just enjoy relaxing, these final three things to do are totally worth it:

7. Aroma Therapy at Essential O2 Bar

8. Therapeutic Massage, Facials, and Sugar Scrubs at Joy of Massage

9. Yoga at Carol Swagerty Yoga

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As you can see, Red River, New Mexico has a lot more to offer couples than just skiing, snowboarding, and outdoor activities. Obviously, if those things are up both of your alleys, by all means enjoy. Sometimes, however, it can be the most romantic to just try something a little different from the norm. Have fun!

Has that dream vacation been on your mind a lot lately, but the travel costs keep holding you back? Make that much-needed getaway possible with Wizootravel. Save up to 60% on hotels and flights with our guaranteed cheapest deals to destinations worldwide. No hidden fees. Just what you see. Book your dream holiday now!. 
There are plenty of nice places that offer something fun for every member of the family, from the youngest kids to the oldest great-grandparents. There are some affordable places too. Even if you have a large family, you should still be able to obtain discounts. Family vacation packages tend to offer "Kids Eat Free" deals, supervised kids programs, spacious rooms, and free activities that will appeal to everyone.

Here are a few affordable destinations that have family-friendly resorts:

Yellowstone National Park
While there are inns and lodging options around the Yellowstone area, there are also plenty of campgrounds. Just bring your own tents and enjoy the great outdoors. You have 2.2 million acres to explore. Go along some trails and try to catch glimpses of elk and buffalo.

Virginia Beach
If possible, visit in either the fall or winter when hotel rates are at their lowest. Family vacation packages at Virginia Beach are available at various hotels and resorts. There are also options for vacation rentals if you want your own kitchen.

Trinidad and Tobago

This is one of the more affordable family-friendly destinations in the Caribbean. You actually get two islands to explore and a variety of beach and mountain activities. Head to Invaders Steel Pan Yard to check out performances by steel pan bans. Another fun attraction is Tobago Cocoa Estate, where you and your kids can learn all about chocolate.

Breckenridge, CO
How about family vacation packages at a ski destination? "Breck" offers world-class skiing for all ages and all levels. There is also plenty to do in the historic downtown area. You could go during the summer and enjoy some hiking, zipping, climbing, etc. It is both the ultimate winter AND summer playground.

St. Petersburg, FL
There are 30+ quality family resorts in this Florida city. For cultural attractions, stay in the downtown area. For days of fun in the sun, grab a beach resort. Hotels in St. Petersburg have an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. In addition to nice accommodation, there is also plenty of shopping and dining.

Barcelona, Spain
If you think you can afford a European trip, Barcelona might be the city for you. There are some reasonably-priced family vacation packages. Not only is it a beautiful city, but it is also filled with tons of fun activities for both kids and adults. There are 500+ family-friendly hotels to choose from. Plus, it can be an educational experience for teens taking Spanish classes.

These are just a few ideas to help your family get started with the plans. Make a list of places everyone wants to visit and check out family vacation packages to see what all is available.

Use online websites to do your research on these destinations as well as others. It's easy to find affordable family vacation packages with the site's search tools. You can also simply browse to find out what all is available right now. Don't forget to apply for online promo codes when booking your trip.

Author: George Botwin

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There are many culturally diverse cities in Europe that are easily accessible with budget airlines, particularly Barcelona.

Often hailed as one of the best cities in the world, Barcelona is a fashionable location to come into contact with the old and new alongside each other and where all your senses will work overtime.

It is easy enough to see why Barcelona is so popular with its unceasing variety of attractions and sights tempting tourists from all walks of life. Stretching from La Ramblas covering the old port of Barcelona and the Plaza Catalunya, an entire day can be dedicated to walking around the Barri Gothic Quarter without venturing any further as there plenty to see and do. Wander around the labyrinths of the narrow streets that meander between old buildings which open out into quaint squares, and then have a break in one of the alfresco cafes full of bustling tapas bars in the vicinity. Find out something about the chronicle of the city and its Roman roots, or visit the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia that is constructed throughout the 13 and 14 century.

Initially planned by Catalan publisher Joseph Bocabella, who wanted to achieve Catholic Church triumphs via the guard of St. Joseph, this monumental assignment eventually came in the hands of Gaudi when he was just thirty-one years old. Barcelona is truly blessed with his wonderful designs, he could be indeed, and the main reason the city attracts so many sightseers. This famous work by Gaudi will be the most incredible church you will ever see.

Barcelona is still the birthplace for many progressive architects such as the award-winning Ricardo Bofill, the man behind the iconic W Barcelona, shaped like a gigantic boat sail. Born in Barcelona in 1939, Bofill is celebrated for his architectural structures that blend with different cultures. It will also be difficult to miss the perfect geometric block of ME Barcelona Hotel, a glass building designed by French architect Dominique Perrault. Barcelona is widely celebrated for its innovative planning and accessible open spaces; hence there are plenty of places to stroll such as the beaches and gardens. Two of the best are, that goes without saying, Guell Park, another Park de la Ciudadella, a park in Ciutat Vella famous for its museums and boating lake.

In the city centre, there are several places that you can take a walk and admire the sceneries, or enjoy fresh coffee in Las Ramblas while watching pedestrians, musicians and performers. Bars in Barcelona start to fill up from 2am onwards. There are plenty of late licensed bars that may stay open as late, or as early as 10am. These bars are not dance clubs but you can either wind down or party some more, depending on your state of mind at that time. There are plenty of live music jam sessions, jazz, blues, burlesque and clubs to choose from particularly in the Las Ramblas boulevard but do not expect crowds until 2 or 3am.

Maremagnum will be the ideal location for families as it is a huge waterfront mall with plenty of walkways and bars before the dark hour starts. As the families depart and the party animals arrive you will find everything here from stylish bars to Irish pubs, it is quite easy to party here till morning as some of the clubs stay open until 6am.

Obviously, holiday time depends heavily on either work schedule or budget. Many hotels and airlines give discounts on Friday to Sunday reservations and this gives you plenty of time to enjoy the attractions, shop and have a good night out.

If you want a simple way to travel, then think about staying in holiday apartments since Barcelona has a large number of apartments for any requirements. An apartment in any city can help save money and give you a more unique experience of living in a different culture. The internet is the best source for landing yourself the appropriate rental apartment.

Your feedback means so much to us as they help us strive to provide content that specifically meets your needs. Kindly share with us your comments (recommendations, thoughts, compliments, etc.). We look forward to having them.
Going on a family holiday ought to be done once per year, or once every two years for those guardians who are somewhat tight on their budget. Traveling with the family is an exceptionally energizing moment for everybody, particularly for guardians who go through their days attempting to earn a living. A family occasion is likewise a period when you can revive your psyche and briefly make tracks in an opposite direction from the issues of day by day living.

Choose the hotels:

There are so many travel organizations offering a wide range of family occasion. What's more, with such a significant number of resorts, thus numerous nations to go to, you might be overpowered by the decisions with regards to choosing where to go on your family occasion. A few elements can impact your choice where you would need to go, and you have to think about these variables. These are (1) your financial plan, (2) your age, (3) what number of are going and if there are kids, (4) how might you want to make a trip to arrive, and (5) the climate. 


Budget is one of the main considerations when choosing the place you need to go to for your family occasion. A few goals are less expensive to visit, while others are more costly. Keep in mind, forget to contemplate how you might want to board. If you select to go self-cooking or room just, you need to budget for your family's food and beverages amid daytime and feasting around evening time. Here and there, over the long haul, it might be less expensive if you think about a comprehensive board at your selected hotel.

Look at temperatures:

A parent's age can likewise affect your decisions of place. When searching for the family occasion, older parents may need to look at the temperature or walking distances, or the exuberance of the resort.

Is it accurate to say that you are a couple or a family? A family occasion implies a style of get-away that is not quite the same as that required by a couple. When you are a family, there are things which ought to be looked and considered: does one have to do a great deal of strolling in the retreat? Do they have offices for kids, for example, a kids' swimming pool or a performer for children? It is essential that before you book your family occasion, you ought to do your examination of the area or resort first. Since you may need to discover a place some place for your kid to rest, or someplace which is somewhat calmer.

How you travel is another critical thought. If you like to go to your family occasion goal by watercraft or vehicle, at that point the retreat or area ought to be topographically doable. Going via plane implies that you are going more remote, perhaps to another nation. Picking the method of travel depends completely on your decision and of your family.

Author: George Warren

Your feedback means so much to us as they help us strive to provide content that specifically meets your needs. Kindly share with us your comments (recommendations, thoughts, compliments, etc.). We look forward to having them.