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Interestingly, one can find an infusion of art, music, and food that gives way to hip dining and cultural scene in downtown Milwaukee. It is a spectacular place to visit irrespective of the time of the year and can be covered easily without burning a hole in your pocket.

So book flight tickets to Milwaukee and get ready for your next vacation in this amazing city which has all the big city conveniences and still manages to retain an old world charm. Here are five reasons why you must visit Milwaukee.

Milwaukee's Dazzling Lakefront

The Lakefront area in this city is one of the most attractive downtown areas as compared to any other city in the US. Visitors can satiate their hunger for shopping in various boutique stores and galleries, have a sumptuous meal on the shores of Lake Michigan or just explore the outdoor recreational state parks and walking trails in the city.

The iconic Harley-Davidson Museum

One of the oldest industries has surprisingly turned out to be a great tourist attraction, the Harley-Davidson Museum. It was back in 1901, when William S. Harley, Arthur and Walter Davidson, and a German engineer produced their very first motorbike. It was soon followed by mass production, and the name became a sensation beyond imagination. There are more than four hundred motorcycles and artifacts housed in this museum where the oldest Harley "Serial Number One," is also stationed.

The diverse Milwaukee Art Museum

The Milwaukee Art Museum was established in the late nineteenth century that houses more than twenty thousand works of art right from antiquities to the present day art. Some of the main attractions that draw visitors from across the globe are the European, American, modern, and contemporary works including fine prints, drawings, and photographs, as well as Asian and African collections.

Pabst Theater and Mansion

Constructed in the late nineteenth century, Pabst theatre and mansion is noteworthy for its Flemish Renaissance Revival style with a graceful Baroque interior. The theatre which is present on the National Register of Historic Places continues to be used for stage performances and musical productions. The Pabst theatre is also well-known for its superior architecture which attracts a large influx of people interested in the performing arts.

The colorful and vibrant Brady Street

Visitors and locals always come and walk along Brady Street while admiring and observing the charming buildings from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The street is beautifully endowed with some of the city's best-known cafes, lounges, boutiques, and fine dining restaurants which make this street all the more interesting. Early settlers and immigrants from Germany, Poland, Ireland, and Italy make it an ethnically diverse city. The streets stretch all the way from Lake Michigan and finish at the Milwaukee River. There are local businesses thriving with full throttle as they present people with some exquisite and rare items.

The city of Milwaukee plays host to a wide array of summer festivals and celebrates a diverse set of cultures that the city has incorporated over a period of time. There is a mix of old and new and a distinct character that sets the city apart from the rest. So don't wait any longer and book your flights early to save on airfares to Milwaukee. Booking roundtrip flights rather than two separate one-way flight tickets to Milwaukee is a dependable way to find cheap Milwaukee flights.

Author: Robert Dev

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Kauai, Hawaii
Honeymoon is a time to escape from the world full of friends and family members in order to spend some quality time together after a tedious wedding ceremony. Island is the first thing that strikes the mind of newlywed couples while finalizing a honeymoon destination and the name of Hawaii Islands, normally tops the list of shortlisted islands. If you are also looking forward to planning a perfect honeymoon trip in Hawaii and are searching for an ideal honeymoon spot in this archipelago, then Kauai Island is an idealistic location for you. It is a heavenly island, known to provide some private time to the honeymooners and everything else that can help in making a honeymoon trip worth remembering a lifetime.

Kauai is a mesmerizing and less populated island belonging to the Hawaiian archipelago. Couples can find innumerable opportunities to spend a perfect honeymoon in this island. Kauai is one of the most passionate islands of Hawaii that offers quixotic vibes and special secluded ambience to the honeymooners. Couples can be a part of some most exciting water sport activities along with their partner and make their trip more fun-loving and exciting. This amazing island is surrounded by the attention-grabbing Mountains, which make it an ideal place for the honeymooners. In order to explore this striking island, couples can opt for boat and helicopter tours.

Your honeymoon is this exotic location would be incomplete if you would not visit the Poipu Beach. It is one of the most popular beaches in the entire American region and attracts a good number of vacationers all around the year. It is a perfect beach to spend some time swimming, sun bathing and enjoying other activities with your partner. Some of the other places of attraction in this island include Na Pali, Waimea Canyon, Koke’e Mountain Park. The eastern part of the island is delimited by Coconut Coast, which is yet another amusing place for honeymooners.

Another activity that couples can enjoy on this island is snorkeling in the protected lagoons and coral reefs. Adventurous couples will surely love this activity during their honeymoon tour on this island. There are various beaches on the island where couples can enjoy snorkeling. Some of the beaches include Anini Beach, Beach Park, Poipu, Tunnels Beach and many. Here couples can also enjoy various other outdoor activities including scuba diving, horse riding, hiking, mountain biking etc.

So, if you are also looking forward to spending a romantic honeymoon in the Hawaiian Archipelago, then Kauai is a perfect destination for you.

Author: Teresa Jack

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Traveling is a perfect excuse to bond outside of your comfort zone, get out of your busy and tight schedule, and spend some quality time together with family.

Hawaii, a heavenly paradise, is in one of the most beautiful islands in the whole world. Pictures do not even do justice to this place. It is simply breathtaking! In Hawaii, there are many islands such as Hawaii Island, Maui Island, Oahu Island, Molokai Island, and Kauai Island, which make this atoll a top vacation destination. Plus, it's also the perfect place to relax, unwind, and disconnect from your regular routine.

It will be difficult to know where to point your camera since Hawaii is overflowing with dazzling blossoms, gorgeous scenery, palm trees, shorelines, Aloha spirit, and mountains in each bearing. Each of its islets has its own vibe, so an excursion on separated Kauai feels altogether different from a trek to clamoring Honolulu on Oahu.

Let's take a look at these unbelievable island escapes of Hawaii that will make you want to pack your bags and catch a ferry to this beautiful island.

Hawaii Island

Volcano National Park is the primary thing which makes this islet different from the others. Hawaii Island is also known as "The Big Island." You can see waterfalls, climb through old lava tubes, and watch the new lava oozes into the ocean. There are twisty drives both on the drift and in the mountains inland. Indeed, even the flatlands (east and north) of town are stunning and amusing to investigate.

Kona Coast

Love diving and want to go face to face with Manta Rays (12-foot wingspans)? If yes, then you must come here once. Manta rays lack stingers-a reality that merits recalling when you experience them off the Big Island's Kona Coast.

Oahu Island

Oahu Island

Want to surf or alternatively, just want to watch surfers take a swift on the monstrous waves? Go and dive into Oahu islet, which is a surfer's paradise, with lumpy-bumpy waves that can reach epic heights. The North Shore of Oahu is the thing that you would expect in a laid-back surf group: Kids ride skateboards down byways, neighbors share mangoes over the fence, and viewing the dusk are must-do customs.

Kauai Island

Kauai Island
Here, you can explore the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Waimea Canyon with a sort of crude magnificence is so picture-culminate that it can bait you into deserting some other arrangements you had for the day.

Maui Island

Be a witness of Humpback whales, which you can easily see on the Maui Island.


When you go to Hawaii for a vacation, consider a mule ride to a Historic Coast, Molokai. The exquisite, exceptional, and alarming ride on the back of a mule will give you a panoramic view of Molokai's precarious north shore ocean from the trail.

Author: Priya Garg

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