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Lake Pichola, Rajasthan
Are you planning for your visit to Udaipur? Then you must definitely include Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary in your trip. Rajasthan is known for many National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries and Sajjangarh is one of them. A trip to Udaipur would be incomplete without visiting the Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary houses a variety of animals including the sambar, chital, wild boar, blue bull and a variety of other animals and birds. So, before you visit the place, here are 5 things that you should know about it.

The place is situated at a distance of 5kms from Udaipur
So, if you are planning to visit the place, it would hardly take 20-30 minutes to reach by car from the main city of Udaipur. It is a must go place if you want to experience the nature of wildlife in India.

It surrounds the Sajjangarh Palace

Sajjangarh Palace
The wildlife sanctuary has been built in a way that it actually surrounds the Sajjangarh Palace. The palace is also popularly known as the Monsoon Palace. The palace sits on the top of the hills and is really magnificent. The palace got its name from the fact that it was supposed to be an observatory which would record the arrival of monsoon. If you want a panoramic view of the mesmerizing Udaipur city, then a visit to the palace is a must.

The sanctuary remains closed on Tuesdays

This is an important fact to keep in mind if you are visiting the place. Make sure you plan your trip accordingly as the Sajjangarh Biological Park remains closed on Tuesdays.

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The timing is from 9am to 5:30pm

On all other days except for Tuesdays, the Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary remains open from 9am in the morning to 5:30pm in the evening. To enter the sanctuary you will have to pay Rs 30 and for the Udaipur zoo, the price is Rs 20. Both these rates are for Indian citizens. However, you will have to bear extra charges if you wish to take along a camera or shoot a documentary film.

The Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary spans over 36 hectares

The wildlife sanctuary is quite big and has an area of 36 hectares. You can visit the place on foot if you wish so but that can be tiring. On the other hand, you can rent a bicycle and roam the place. There are plenty of washrooms and drinking water booths in the complex.

Udaipur tourism will not disappoint you. It is an extremely beautiful city. And if you wish to take a break from the desert horizon, then you can do a quick trip to Goa and soak in the sun of the beautiful beaches some of which include the Agonda beach and Baga beach.

Author: Sharon Grogan

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When deciding the best spots for vacations, most people actually think that they can hang out anywhere. This is because they’re mainly excited about travelling to a new location, mostly those they find on the Internet, or even those traveled by their friends. But when you can find travel coupons and travel to new destinations is, after all, what travelers dream of. Forget the old lists that monopolize some spots. The following 5 places are the vacation spots to watch in 2019. They span the whole globe, from harder-to-reach spots like Malaysia, new and sprouting destinations with emergent designs such as Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, to cities lying in the southern half like Chile.

The Adirondacks

Found in New York, The Adirondacks is undoubtedly America’s first vacation spot. The destination lures visitors with its high peaks-46 of them, fresh air and clear lakes. It has been receiving travelers since 1927 when Hotel Saranac was first opened. Currently, the renovated Hotel Saranac displays a feeling of urban splendour to the beautiful and classy town of the lake. This destination is certainly a sumptuous resort by the lakeside and it rests on what was once a property of the Rockefellers. Deep in the woods, the change of its ownership has added more refreshment to the renovated decorations. Travelers can now enjoy a classy vacation at this laid-back and impeccable spot.

Nairobi, Kenya

The capital of Kenya in East Africa boasts of a rich culture and an extremely creative scene and general art. You’ve probably heard about the Matatu culture, whereby graffiti rules the transport industry in the city. Or you’ve read about Kenya Airways launching its first-ever direct flight to New York. Through the direct flights, traversing through East Africa has now been made much easier. Whenever you tour East Africa, check in to Nairobi and enjoy some roasted meat, watch some drama action at the GoDown Art Center, then head for the Giraffe Sanctuary, and finally don’t forget to buy some colorful craft beads.

Matera, Italy 

Matera is a destination best known for its white limestone Sassi carvings. Having earned a UNESCO designation, the spot is now recognized as the 2019 European Capital of Culture. At Malera,travelers can catch a glimpse of the city’s past at Casa Noha, the museum where exhibitions by the multimedia happen.

This city is a haven of activities for visitors, ranging from tours at the Murgia National Park, Sassi limestone caves, Aquatio Cave Hotel, to whipping up traditional delicacies such as conical bread and ricotta. Travellers can also tour the amazingly modern city’s shops and chapels.

Northern Territory, Australia

This is a very remote vacation destination that has been investing heavily in the tourism industry. It has injected millions into new biking and hiking trails. It’s taking shape so fast, with an additional art gallery—Aboriginal Gallery. We can’t deny that this is a vacation spot worth a visit. At this region, travelers can enjoy visiting Uluru, a monolith made of sandstone and highly revered by the Australian people. They can also visit and see for themselves the Field of Light installed by an artist known as Munro Bruce or even catch a glimpse of the rock art dating back to centuries. This destination is laid back and beautiful despite its remoteness.

Toronto, Canada

Being the capital of Canada’s culture ,Toronto is a hub of many attractions including Ontario beaches, Winter stations, artworks displays by Kimpton Saint George, the St. Regis and the Anndore House, all which combine well to bring opulence to Toronto.2019 is a year that travelers visiting the city will be treated to the Biennial of Art-Toronto. Isn’t it worth visiting? It is. It is even more good news to hear that the Museum of Contemporary Art has reopened after expansion.

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Mysterious, ancient, exotic, mystic: all of these are words used to describe Morocco. They are all true, but Morocco is also fresh, new, evolving, and modern. But the only way to form your own opinion about Morocco is to actually go there.

The European Influence

Morocco has been open to European travellers for almost a century, so it is one of the most tourist-friendly countries in North Africa. Compared to its neighbors, Morocco is also a safe and stable country to visit even though its leader is a king with autocratic power. But any casual visitor will be fine just as long as you don't snap pictures of the royal palace.

Being in such close contact with Europeans for so long, the culture of Morocco has adopted many traits and customs that will make European and American travellers feel right at home, up to a point. Examples: western toilets are common, and you can easily find those that speak English, French, or Spanish. On the other hand, things can be a little behind the times by European/American standards.

Notably: Women would be well advised to dress conservatively, this doesn't mean you need to wear a full body burka. Female travellers should be prepared to experience unwanted attention regardless of what they are wearing. Also, it is a good idea to avoid direct eye contact with males on the street. This will minimize the situation.

Be Wary of Your Hosts

Getting into Morocco from Europe by RyanAir's is convenient and usually inexpensive. Most of these flights tend to fly into Marrakesh and leave from Fez. While travelling (and even when not), keep your valuables close to you and do not pack anything important or of value into checked bags as theft is common in Moroccan airports.

There are many options for sleeping in the ultra low-budget, ultra high-budget and ultra everything in between. Many of the hostels or "hotels" you find may seem very sketchy and some have bad reputations, so the safest bet is to stick with choices that are acknowledged by known travel books or respectable websites. It is essential to do research before arrival.

It is unfortunate that scams and cons are widespread throughout the country. Be wary of overly helpful strangers who may offer help and guide you straight into their friend's shop. At the very worst, if you do fall into one of these traps, you'll just end up spending a little more money than you would have liked on that new carpet.

Pick pocketing is also another serious, irritating problem, so a healthy skepticism and guarded vigilance are the best protection you can have. I always use a hidden money belt.

Shoppers Heaven: The Mystery Begins

The best thing about Morocco is that it is very exotic, and very inexpensive. A dollar, euro, or pound will go a long way here.

Just About Anything You Want: This may seem like an odd thing to say, but in Morocco you can do just about anything you want as long as you are willing to pay for it. You will find that just about anything you see will be for sale or ready for your use, if the price is right. With so few restrictions and limitations, it is really up to the traveller to be responsible and cautious, and look out for your own safety and to make the right decisions.

Learn to Bargain: While we are speaking of spending money, it is important to remember to always bargain and not to be afraid to play hardball in doing so. These people negotiate and make deals constantly and they are good at it. This system may seem fun at first but it can quickly become quite tiresome, as can the constant barrage of sales pitches you will face every time you step outside of your hostel.

Outdoor Market Heaven: The reason bargaining is something you will face every day is because Morocco has some of the most exciting, labyrinthine outdoor markets in the world. You can purchase any variety of beautiful ornament, knick-knack, trinket, carpet, or clothing or any other item of varying degrees of legality. Carpets and spices are the two hottest items for most visitors shopping in the legal spectrum, and rightly so. The colors and aromas you will find from these two items will make you feel like you are in a gourmet kitchen run by Dr. Seuss; I mean this in the best possible sense.

You could easily spend your entire trip shopping in these mazes of merchandise but there is so much more to see outside of the shopping tents.

The Cities of Morocco: Each city in Morocco has a different feel to it but each one gives a different sense of what Morocco has in store. You can experience the seaside feel of the country on the west coast in Casablanca or Rabat. You can get a more iconic and trademark adventure in the markets and streets of Marrakesh. Fez has more of an urban, city sprawl that can feel much more dangerous but will show you what a city in North Africa is really like.

The Sahara: A trip out to the brink of the Sahara in Merzouga will let you feel what it's like living amongst the Berber people as you sleep in tents under intensely starry skies and take camel rides through the desert dunes that turn your scalp orange with sand for days.

Coming to a town like Merzouga should really be a primary reason for visiting this country. If not to experience what people are like in this part of the world so completely different from our own, but coming out to this eastern region will show you natural beauty almost alien to what we in the Western World have experienced nature to be.

Delicious Delicacies

Morocco's culinary palette is best known for two things: couscous and mint tea. Anywhere you order it, the couscous you will be served will be cooked to perfection and is guaranteed to satisfy you.

Mint tea is something you will probably will never get tired of even though the locals will serve it to you every chance they can get. Each city has its own slight variation on tea mixture, so mint tea is always worth having.

Since food prices are so low here, it's best to try several dishes as often as you can. Tajine is always a delicious treat and order any dish that has cinnamon on it whenever you see it, you will not be let down.

It should be said that what constitutes "fresh" meat in Morocco is far different how our stomachs might define it, so discretion should be used. The same goes for their meaning of "fresh" water. Use caution.

Country of Extremes

Morocco can give you the best of things and it can also give you the worst of things. Between the spice shops and the wretched tanneries, you will smell some of the best and worst odors you will ever inhale. Between the openness of a midnight stroll through the Sahara and the too-small seats on the cross-country bus to get you to your next destination, you will feel some of the best and worst comforts a human can experience. This is just the nature of Morocco.

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